Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal water supply, one thing is clear, the water in every home is unique. Older pipes, a water main break, and even the distance your water travels before it reaches your home can introduce additional contaminants into the water you consume. A water test is necessary to learn if your home’s water has some additional issues that need treatment.

EcoWater has designed and engineered a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art filters considered to be the best on the market to deal with households with water contamination issues that may be easy to see such as iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and low-pH to see to arsenic, microbiologicals and pharmaceuticals which are undetectable.

Whether you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, an EcoWater Pro can perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis and has access to professional water chemistry labs. Contact your local EcoWater Pro for a free water test and learn about the water in your home, and to get a solution customized to meet your needs.

Eliminate problem water for good. The ETF2300AIV is a chemical free system, with fresh air providing oxidation.
  • Air Aspirated Chemical Free Filter
  • Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring
  • Water Meter
  • Naturally Aspirated Air Induction
  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Media Tank
  • Full One-Inch Riser
  • Multi-Cycle Valve with Easy-Clamp Ring and Patented Coated Disc
  • Models ETF2300AIV 10" & 12" Ship with Zeolite Media for Iron Removal
  • Models ETF2300EIV 10" & 12" Ship Without Media, Allowing for Loading Media of Choice
  • Washed Quartz Underbedding
The EcoWater ETF2300PF Series offers proven water filtration systems for removing iron and treating problem water. There are two products in this series: the ETF2300PF10 and the ETF2300PF12.
  • Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring
  • Water Meter
  • Full One-Inch Riser
  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Media Tank
  • Self-Cleaning Distributors
  • Choose Media for Custom Applications
  • Washed Quartz Underbedding
  • Bypass Valve (optional)
  • Fully Ported One-Inch Valve with Easy-Clamp Ring and Patented Disc.
  • Energy Efficient Power Supply
Eliminate problem water for good. The UAN/IOAPF is a chemical free upflow acid Neutralizer filter. It can also be used as a In/Out All Purpose filter by loading it with a wide variety of media.
  • Chemical Free Upflow Acid Neutralizer Filters
  • In/Out All Purpose Filters
  • Multiple Parallel Units Can Be Used for Maximum Flows
  • High Flow Rate – 10/12 gpm
  • Fill Port on In/Out Adapter
  • Large 1” Connections with Bypass
  • Upflow Design Doesn’t Require Water for Backwashing
  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Media Tank
  • Full One-Inch Riser
  • Easy Determination of Remaining Media

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