The current EPA “action level” for lead contamination is 15 parts per billion (PPB), but medical studies show that as little as 7 PPB can affect kid’s health.

Safe Fountain System

A blend of new technology and purpose built design brings a total solution to drinking water purification. EcoWater's SFS in an economical solution that retrofits to your existing fountains and insures the highest quality water for students and staff. In addition to removing contaminants, it produces great tasting water that will encourage good hydration habits. Moreover, it provides the school district with an immediate solution that is cheaper and easier to maintain than bottled water.

Certified Contaminant Reduction:

  • NSF 53 – Certified for 99.3% lead (both colloidal and dissolved lead) and VOC removal.
  • NSF P231 – Certified for 99.9% bacteria and cysts removal.


  • A Point-Of-Use approach designed to remove a wide range of typical water contaminants, ensuring safe water regardless of municipal system upsets, water main breaks or plumbing problems.
  • Systems come equipped with an automatic shut-off that monitors flow and turns off after the rated number of gallons is reached.
  • EcoWater's exclusive microbiological filter is designed to provide clean healthy water, even in the event of a boil water alert. In fact, the system automatically shuts down under excessive bacteria loading.
  • Tamper proof cabinet protects the system from accidental damage and associated water leak. The industrial design also ensures problem-free operation for years to come.

Patented Technology:

The Safe Fountain System uses two patented technologies, MetSorb®, a unique absorber that captures lead, and FACT® particulate filters to remove fine particles and prevent system fouling.


Safe Kitchen System

Often overlooked, food preparation areas are another important location where water purification is critical. Lead and other contaminants can be cooked into food in surprisingly high concentrations and need to be removed effectively.

  • An integrated system solution; sized to fit any kitchen.
  • Patented prefilter that removes cysts and solids down to 0.5?
  • Hi-flow cartridge filters with our patented Metsorb® media that removes 99.3% of lead & other contaminants
  • Ultra Violet (UV) treatment system that kills bacteria and viruses
  • Integrated Wi-Fi communications and Web based monitoring

A Full Range of Larger Systems To Meet Food Service & Higher Flow Needs:

EcoWater also manufactures a line of under-the-sink and high volume Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems that are ideal for any lunch room and/or food prep area. Systems are easy to install and maintain, and are designed to provide full-flow for all of your pure water needs. They come equipped with carbon and sediment filters, standard plumbing connections, heavy duty steel cabinets, and high-flow, low-pressure XLP Membranes that can stand up to the most difficult feed waters and still reject 98.5% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).


EcoWater’s Safe Fountain System…

Solves Today’s Lead Problem and Tomorrow’s Contamination Too.

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