Ponca City & Stillwater – Do I Need a Whole-Home Filter?

Many people may be unsure as to whether or not they need a whole home water filter.  It can be a difficult decision that has several factors worth considering.  Read below to decide if a whole-home water filter from Culligan of Ponca City & Stillwater is right for you. I’m not sure if a Whole Home Water Filter is right for me.

What’s in Your Water?

Before deciding whether or not a whole-home filter is right for your home, find out if doing so will have any benefit. Work to understand what’s in your water, and where your source is. Some things to consider:

  • Do you have municipal or well water?
  • Are you worried about pesticides?
  • Industrial chemicals?
  • Does your area have lead or particularly hard water?

Will a Whole-Home Filter Work?

After deciding what aspects of your tap water you are worried about, find out if a whole-home filter will remove that contaminant.  Find the total micron rating needed to filter out that specific contaminant.  Once you have that information, see if the filter’s micron size is smaller than what you need.  If it is, then it should work to filter out any contaminant larger than the pore size on the filter.

What Are Your Consumption Needs?

Once you find out how small the pore size on the filter needs to be, consider what your water consumption needs are.  How many people are in your household? Is there anybody else living there?  What about kids and/or pets?

Next, know how much water your family drinks. If you drink a lot of water and use it to cook most days, you may have high water consumption and could use a smaller filtering system. If your family drinks a lot of bottled water, consider how much you could save in costs and refrigerator space by looking into a Culligan Reverse Osmosis System.

Would a Reverse Osmosis System Be Better?

Does a Culligan Water Softener would better suit your water needs? Is water damaging your hair and skin?  Is it discoloring the edges of your faucets and drains?  If your needs extend in and beyond the kitchen, the a whole-home filter would be the better choice for you.  However, if you want a filter for strictly cooking and drinking water, an RO system may be the best choice.

Buying a water filter for your home and family can be a daunting task, but hopefully this information can make the decision a little bit easier.  If these questions still leave you puzzled, the friendly representatives at your Culligan of Ponca City & Stillwater can help you make a more educated decision.






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